Sexy, Stylish, no Purse!

How We Got Started

Bikini Belts is a new product that was created in May of 2013 by West Los Angeles native Wendy Valentine Brown. Having a degree in Arts, Wendy used her art skills and California beach girl lifestyle to create the Bikini Belt.

The exclusive Bikini Belts are designed to offer a hands-free approach on everything you need while enjoying outdoor activities in your bikini.

 It is a trendy accessory carrier perfect for lounging by the pool, relaxing at the beach or engaging in outdoor activities. It is great for carrying your lip balm, I.D., cash, and cell phone while remaining sexy and stylish without the purse. There’s no more need to worry about getting sand in your purse or losing your car key. The Bikini Belt‘s got your back!

As a business, our goal is to make sure that you feel comfortable whether you’re on vacation or living that by-the-beach lifestyle. We believe that it is important for our customers to take on new adventures without any worries. Our goal is to make gear and clothing that we all want to wear. We hope you enjoy our website and have fun while you shop!